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Ad Number: 218068

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Nov 27th 2022 at 2:13pm

Dave & Son's Carpentry & Trailer Maintenance.


 We can install a new Double Belly Bag under your trailer which is the floor insulation & install it over top the old original belly bag. It's a real Win Win situation & your fuel bill will be 20%-40% less per year depending on how much insulation you wanna install. You can add another row of R-20 or R-28 or R-40 insulation. The Labor bill stays the same with whatever thickness of insulation you pick. There's only a difference on material cost which isn't a heck of alot of money. Plus you pay for materials & I get you my Co. discount instead of me adding 10% profit to regular prices which in reality with my Co. discount; you'd pay an additional 20%. I'm here to save you money as best as I can. It really depends on how much you wanna save on Fuel. Plus that's where you lose mostly all of your heat is through the Belly Bag (floor insulation). My double belly bag meets all ventilation codes & we use real belly bag materials as well. Plus it will cause less shiftage on your trailer &  have to level it way less as your containing all the heat inside the belly bag ( more on that later).

 I believe speaking for trailer owners that fuel prices are going to SKY ROCKET very soon & people who own trailers are the only ones that will be able to weather thru this situation by installing a double belly bag. Imagine saving 20%-40% on fuel depending on what thickness of insulation you have installed. Fuel is just past the $2.00 mark. What if fuel hits way higher prices. That would cripple anybody's bank account just buying home fuel.  There's definitely going to be a shortage of fuel this winter. Prices are going to SKY ROCKET. 2 major oil refineries have shut down in the the northeast of USA &  1 in Canada. In any case 3 oil refineries have shut down permanently which caused rationing in the northeast USA & North Central USA is also running into major diesel shortages as well; it's spreading rapidly. Plus the thought of war could happen. There's a very good chance we might have a war this winter. I seriously think people should prepare for the worst to come this winter. There's extreme situations going on with LNG, FUEL & soon GAS everywhere in the world right now. Major shortages.( BOOK & PREPARE IN ADVANCE ).

Trailer owners are the only ones that can save large on there fuel bill by installing a double belly bag whereas house owners can't unless they rip there siding off & install some serious styrofoam on there walls & then re-side it again. That would be such a major cost to a house owner whereas a trailer owner can re-insulate the trailer belly bag using a double belly bag at such a cheap cost compared to house owners.

Its not going to be about saving money anymore. It's going to be about "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST". There's already people starting to pay $3.10/ litre in Canada for diesel. Wait til it really SKYROCKETS & it will. To much stuff going on GLOBALLY.

- Journeyman Carpenter for 32 yrs. with 42 yrs. in the Trade.

- Feel free to call for a free Estimate or Consultation.

- Pay Double with my Local Competitors.

- 15% off for Seniors over 65 yrs old.

- 24/7 emergency service.

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phonePhone: 867-444-8686
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